Dear Fellow Bloggers and Friends from Around the World:
I’ve been blogging about five months now and little did I expect to make so many new friends –  thinkers, analysts, humorists, environmentalists, spiritual masters, shutterbugs, romantics, philospophers, worldly wise, simply great cooks, mothers, interior designers, happy campers, serious musers, ornithologists —- wordsmiths all. To be able to share my thoughts with such a wide group of citizens of the earth has been a journey in its own right, a privilege I do not take for granted.

New and emergent projects have come my way and demand my utmost attention and I find it hard to pursue my writing here without compromise. So, I take leave for a short while, I hope. In the evenings and late nights, I look forward to reading your posts, without the urgency of having to write one of my own.

Until then, I leave you with these three poems I wrote recently.

I walked beneath the lilac-gray sky.
Just me, the gurgling brook and the trickle of water from leaves drenched.
Alone, I thought until I saw the large, dark heron.
The heron, he saw me not.



The Rockies – In a thousand shades of gray
Have stood here a million years
Simply so that I can gaze?

Between two mountain peaks, the sun dips
And for that instant, the earth holds the fiery orange ball
In the palm of her hands.