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Not long ago, I read a story about a distant island where villagers would gather around wooded areas and utter curses until the trees fell one by one. The land, thus cleared, would be used for their settlements.

Can this be possible? Can your words be wielded as swords? What else could your words do?

My children and I set out to test this theory. Our scientific question was this:

Is it possible to alter the rate of growth of plants by exposing / speaking “good” and “bad” words to them?

On January 2nd, 2012 we setup our experiment as follows:

  • We took three clear plastic cups and wrote a set of words on each cup.

1) “Love” and “Thankyou”

January 2, 2012. Our three cups with three seeds.

2)”Stupid” and “Idiot”

3)Control with no words(please click on picture for a full view)

  • Wet paper towels were placed in each cup.We took three identical red beans and placed one in each cup.
  • All cups were watered equally and placed in a cardboard box in a cupboard that got natural light.
  • Every day the two children would “talk” to the cup once at 4:00PM. They said the words that written on the respective cup. No more, no less. They did not spend any time with the cup that was our control (with no words).
  • As expected, the seeds started sprouting around the 10th day: January 11th, 2012
  • The pictures below will show you the results of our experiment. The dates on the pictures are in dd/mm/yyyy format. (11/1/2012 is Jaunary 11th, 2012)
January 11th, 2012. Our control seed.
January 11, 2012. Our “Stupid” Seed
January 11, 2012: Our “Love” Seed
  • Look at the growth in one day. On January 12th, 2012. Clearly, our “Love” seed is standing twice as tall.

    January 12, 2012. Comparing our "Love" and "Stupid" seeds


January 12, 2012. Our "Stupid" and Control seeds.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in growth between our “Control” and our “Stupid” seed, but that changes in two days.

  • On January 14, 2012, the “Control” seed is showing steady growth, while our “Love” seed is outstanding. Our “Stupid” seed has shown no progress at all.

January 14, 2012. Comparing our 3 seeds. We found that we had accidently dropped two seeds in the control. One was removed.

  • On January 26th, 2012, my children were very upset that the “Stupid” seed had started to look dry and sad (remember, we were watering them exactly the same same way, about 5ml of water every other day) and so they decided that they would not “talk” to the plants any more.

    January 26, 2012. Our final comparison.

-(Please click on the picture to view it in full size.)


Over the next few days, I took my plants everywhere I went. I asked almost everyone I met what they thought about the experiment.  Here are some of the responses.

School Nurse: “That just gave me the goose bumps.”

Kindergartener: “I think plants have feelings.”

School Principal: “This is fantastic. I must tell all the teachers about this. Would you like to come to a meeting and explain this?”

Second grade teacher: “I just have got to do this in my class.”

Chiropracter: “Oh my goodness. We know this anecdotally, but to actually see this – it goes to show how we can influence things around us.”

Registered Nurse/Dietician: “We’ve got to understand this. It gives me the goose bumps.”

5th grader: “Words have vibrations. Bad words can be mean.”

Acupuncturist: “This is so true. I think I am going to write this on one of my client’s foot!”

Masaru Emoto, in his book “Hidden Messages in Water“, writes: “Words are expression of our soul. And the condition of our soul is likely to have an enormous impact on the water that composes over 70% of our body, and this impact in no small way will affect our bodies.”

If this is all true, then is it possible to heal and nuture our sick seedling back to health? To complete our experiment, my children decided to use the words “I am sorry” and “You are cool!” In this experiment we will not “talk” to the plant, instead we will simply think thoughts directed at the plant. In other words, we will use our Intention.

In the next post, we will bring you the results of our experiment.

In the meantime, do tell us what you think.

Have you ever tried an experiment like this? What did you learn?

Would you like to try this experiment and post pictures? My children and I would love to hear from you.

It is a truly scientific phenomenon that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer